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Opto ramp 3 switch board


New 3 opto PCB (also referred to as a ramp opto board) used on many Williams WPC pinball machines.

The new design has a number of improvement from the factory original:

  • Status LEDs give full diagnostics of each transmitter and receiver!
  • Lower current consumption and less heat, for longer life.
  • User serviceable with transistors that are replaceable with thru-hole equivalents.

This opto ramp switch board assembly is a substitute for the following part numbers:


  • A-13901
  • A-17042
  • 5768-12686-00 pcb
  • 5010-12733-00 (3) res 220ohm 1w 5%
  • 5040-12298-00 (1) cap 100M 40V-10+50 axial
  • 5370-12272-00 (1) ic LM339 quad comp
  • 5791-12273-04 (1) 4h str sq lck .156
  • 5791-12273-05 (2) 5h str sq lk .156
  • 5791-12273-07 (1) 7h str sq lck .156

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