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Rectifier board Williams Sys 3-11A / Data East / Sega


Bridge Rectifier and Capacitor upgrade board for Data East/Sega Version 1, 2 & 3 and Williams System 3 through 11A pinball machines.

Newly designed safety and performance upgrade Inkochnito Bridge Board corrects the original design flaw in these pinball machine electrical systems. Replaces bridge rectifiers 6BR1, 6BR2, and capacitor 6C1 with a single board.

For improved safety, this new board adds 2 fuses in the 18 volt controlled lamp and 34 volt solenoid circuits to prevent possible fire hazards if the bridge rectifiers should fail. (A common failure mode) This is a highly recommended safety upgrade.

Installation requires average technical skill, but no soldering.

Installation Instructions are here.

More photos and specific installation instructions of various game backboxes


  • 5040-09051-00
  • 5100-09418-00
  • 36DX303G025BC2A capacitor

5 oz


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