Where’s My Data?

We’ve received an overwhelmingly positive response on the new site. We’re glad to see that our last few years of hard work are beginning to pay of for us and the pinball community.  A few customers have  commented on the lack of some data available on the new system, namely order history and shopping cart data.

We had to make a very difficult call when it came to migrating the order data over to the new system.  We did some extensive analysis and found that rate of usage of order history and shopping cart data wasn’t high enough to justify delaying our system launch by another few months. We hope you feel the same way.

As a mitigation, we are indefinitely keeping our old system online internally.  You may contact us at any time (sales@marcospec.com, or use the contact form) and ask for your records.   We will happily fetch what you need and email it to you.

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