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New Super-Bands Ultra-Durable Flipper Bands
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Marco Specialties will be closed on Monday, May 25th in observance of Memorial Day.
Please take notice of the following deadlines for receiving orders before Monday, May 25th:
Fedex Express Saver (3 day) orders should be placed by Tuesday, May 19th
Fedex 2 Day orders should be placed by Wednesday, May 20th
Fedex Overnight orders should be placed by Thursday, May 21st.
Marco Specialties will resume normal operations on Tuesday, May 26th.

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Category: Pinball ShowPinfest 2015

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Category: Pinball ShowPin-a-Go-Go

Category: Pinball ShowVintage Flipper World Pinball Museum Showcase


Category: Pinball ShowVintage Flipper World Pinball Museum Showcase

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Stern Pinball packing guide

Have you ever had to put a game back in the box? This guide from Stern Pinball gives you all the information you’ll need to pack like a pro. Stern Pinball’s guide to re-packing your pinball machine.

Marco Specialties introduces Super-Bands™ high-reliability pinball flipper bands

Lexington, SC — Marco Specialties, a leading pinball parts e-retailer, today announced the new line of Super-Bands™ high-reliability pinball flipper bands. Super-Bands™ are advanced, custom-formulated, polyurethane rings (a.k.a. urethane flipper rings) designed for pinball machine flippers and bumpers. Super-Bands™ are superior to traditional flipper rubber with better durability and better ball control, translating to increased reliability, reduced operating costs, and better player satisfaction for pinball machines in both commercial and collector environments. Super-Bands are available in a wide variety of original equipment and unique colors.

Custom fabricate your own wire gates and wire forms

Pinball machines use many interesting custom wire parts that are often hard to find when they break.  While Marco stocks a huge variety of prefabricated and industrially hardened wire-form parts, inevitably you will run across a rare part that is keeping your game from working correctly. The magic material to use is piano wire, which is strong and will retain its shape. Marco carries several diameters of Piano Wire, including: 0.031in – #12-WS-031 0.040in – #12-WS-040 0.051in – #12-WS-051 0.063in – #12-WS-063 0.080in – #12-WS-080 To make bending wire simpler, try a #77-8593 wire forming jig.  

Fastener Part Numbering System Explained

When dealing with screws, nuts, and bolts, understanding the cryptic part numbers can simplify ordering and understanding the The last 2 digits (XX) of the 4 digit fastener part numberprefix (40XX-12345-12) indicates the standard stud size of the bolt or screw. For example, part #4006-01030-12 indicates a #6 stud diameter (.138″) fastener. The 2 digit part number suffix for bolts and screws (-12, -04, -16, etc) indicates the number of 1/16″ length increments of the fastener. For example, part #4004-01003-04 indicates a screw that is 4/16″ long or 1/4″ long. The middle 5 digits describe the fastener head style or other read more…